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No News is Good News?

12 October 2009
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They say, “No news is good news.”  So if it’s partially no news and partially good news, then it must be really good news, right?  Unless the good news doesn’t really turn out to be so great, which takes us back to just no news, which by then has gone down a little bit to just so-so news.  Wow, now “news” is turning in to one of those words that just looks funny when you read it too much.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point already.

As most of you know, today is the big day.  Well, was the big day.  We were going to wake up together and snuggle and talk about going to take our pregnancy test to find out if we’re having another baby.  After fixing me coffee &  waffles, Tim was going to stand outside the bathroom, waiting impatiently while I did my “test prep” and then we’d anxiously wait together for the results to come up.

What actually happened: I woke up at 4:30 with an insanely horrible urge to pee.   Yes, ever since that last blog, this has still been happening.  Some mornings I can ignore it and actually fall back to sleep.  This was not one of those mornings.  Fifteen minutes later, I poke Tim.  “Honey… I really have to pee.”

I went, and did my thing.  (TMI ALERT!)  I have to pee in a cup when I do this, because I have ruined far too many of those freaking expensive little tests from actually peeing too much on them.  Yes, it is possible.  Plus, doing it in a cup alleviates that desperate “ohmigod-i-have-to-pee-so-bad-and-I-don’t-even-know-if-I’m-awake-enough-to-do-this-right” feeling.  You can be relieved, wake up a little (just a little) and then get down to the business at hand.  And, as was the case this morning, if you’re obsessive about your tests, you can take more than one without waiting until you have to pee again.

I used an EPT Certainty test, compliments of Alison — who is now pregnant and decided she didn’t really need two more tests, which were likely to expire before she’d be able to use them again.  I appreciate it, because I probably would have just saved them and done something silly like use one when I’m eight months prego just to see what happens.  For those who aren’t up on the latest and greatest innovations in POAS (pee on a stick) tests, these are the Cadillac version.  I don’t even want to know how much they cost.  But once you do your thing, a little digital window displays an hourglass timer until it’s time to read the results.  Then it says, “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.”

At least I assume if one is pregnant, it says, “Pregnant.”  But in my case, this morning, it said, “Not Pregnant.”  *insert sad face here*

Good thing for me (and you, dear readers) that I’ve been preparing for this very morning.  I have not one, but two other types of pregnancy tests.  And a cup full of pee.  Oh, and a mild obsession with being convinced that I am pregnant this time, or having very realistic psychosomatic symptoms.

So, I “ran” another test.  This one using a Dollar Tree home pregnancy test.  Yup, ladies, you heard it here (in case you hadn’t heard it already).  The dollar store sells prego tests for… get this… a dollar.  Granted, you’ll have to provide the timer and it’s clear plastic so you have to look at your pee the whole time, but those are sacrifices I can make to not have to pay drugstore prices.  The other great thing is that they have a pretty good reputation for being able to detect pretty low levels of hCG.  It actually detects levels sooner than any version of the EPT brand tests.  You can visit the Pee on a Stick website to see how tests compare.  Dollar Tree (New Choice): 25; EPT Certainty: 50.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with using an EPT test (and I sincerely appreciate the donation), but they’re more appropriate for normal women who have missed a period and think they might be pregnant.  Not ovulation-obsessed day counters who are probably testing too early.  As of today, I am at 13 DPO (days past ovulation).  According to, the average DPO count for an accurate HPT (home pregnancy test) is 13.6.

IMG_2920 Okay, back to the second test.  The control line came up — that’s the one that appears in the second window that essentially lets you know that you used enough pee to get the chemicals all the way across the stick.  It darkens and changes a bit as it sits, but for the most part, once you see that you can be pretty sure of the results.  This is another advantage to the non-digital tests in general: you can actually see the lines instead of letting the test “read” the results for you.  I know it’s supposed to make it easier, but then you can’t stare scheduleat the window for minutes wondering if there’s a line there or your eyes are playing tricks on you.  Now where’s the fun in that?

At first, I didn’t see anything.  But then I noticed a very faint blue line in the first box.  I showed it to Tim, but he’s a guy and I don’t expect him to “get” all the subtle nuances of POAS tests.  He just looked at me like I was crazy and suggested we go back to bed and try again in a couple of days.  I tried to go back to sleep, I really did.  But my brain can only take so many “what ifs” before it decides it is just awake for the day.  I resorted to my good friend Google to help me find pics of other “faint” pregnancy tests, and the likelihood of it being a true positive is pretty good.  I even included a pic so you can see for yourself (or not, depending on how good your lighting & eyesight are).

I’ll be heading to the dollar store today to get a couple more tests.  Most people say to wait two more days (and hCG levels double every 2 – 3 days in early pregnancy), but we’ll see if I can make it that long.  Fortunately, our schedule this week is loaded, as you can see.  Yes, that’s an actual screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet that keeps us somewhat sane.  Sooo… maybe there will be another announcement tomorrow, but as you can see, I won’t have time to blog about it!  😉  Stay tuned for the next installment of Adventures in (Missed) Conception.

Edited (10/18) to Add: After posting this entry, I realized that the test pictured was not a New Choice brand test from the Dollar Store. It is actually a generic CVS-brand HPT.  I must have had this left over from buying some during a trip to Virginia.  Yes, I did check the expiration date and it was well within the margins.  Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone noticed/cared.

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  1. .Bittersweet. (Aunt Night-Mere) permalink
    12 October 2009 11:21

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t wait to hear the twin’s names! 😉

  2. Auntie Lynn permalink
    12 October 2009 14:36

    It’s nice to get the blow by blow. I had no idea of what people do to figure this out. You must have to try hard not to go nuts when ur going thru this!!! Love yas!!!

  3. 12 October 2009 15:29

    I can totally see that faint blue line!! Omg! How crazy!!! Here’s hoping-/.

  4. Amanda permalink
    12 October 2009 15:35

    I see the line. Yay!

  5. Sarah permalink
    12 October 2009 19:01

    oh the suspense!

  6. Nichole permalink
    15 March 2010 22:22

    hey my name is Nichole and i just took a test just like this and i got a faint line too and im not sure so is this a BFP or BFN!!!

    • 21 March 2010 14:39

      Hi Nichole — it generally means it’s a positive. By now, you should have been able to test again and hopefully got the answer you wanted. Let me know how it turned out!

  7. Alyssa permalink
    19 December 2010 11:41

    Hi can you answer this? Does that test in the pic mean you are pregnant?

  8. marie permalink
    20 October 2011 23:25

    hi i just take test this morning, but im confused if its possitive. line is faint. anyone can help me? i am pregnant?

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