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Try, Try Again… ?

17 October 2009

Maybe you’ve guessed by now, based on the lack of updates.  But, we don’t have anything “positive” (in any sense of the word) to share in the prego department.  Sorry it has taken me a while to post the news.  I’m doing okay, but just trying to not over-think it.

I figured it wasn’t going to go the way I wanted when I took tests on Tuesday & Wednesday and they were negative. On Thursday, my period started.  Not the kind that could be mistaken for spotting or implantation bleeding.  Since true false positives are pretty rare, it’s safe to assume that I had what is referred to as a chemical pregnancy.  That means we managed to conceive, but it miscarried very early.

It’s kind of a weird term, because it makes it seem like there wasn’t really a pregnancy at all.  I guess the reason why they call it “chemical” is because the only way it can be detected is by hCG tests (either blood or urine).  If we had done an ultrasound that early, it wouldn’t have even shown up as a gestational sac at that point, because it would still be so small.  When it gets far enough along to be visibly confirmed by an ultrasound, it becomes a “clinical pregnancy.”

Not that it makes me feel any better, but this is a pretty common occurrence.  Some statistics put the number of conceptions that end in miscarriages as high as 70%.  Unless you’re actively trying to conceive and being obsessive about pregnancy tests, you’d really never know you had one that early.

On Monday, I have to call and cancel my new obstetrics appointment with my doctor, and talk to them about whether or not we’ll try another cycle or if we have to wait.  I guess on the bright side, the prego symptoms weren’t all in my head.

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  1. Jessica Olson permalink
    18 October 2009 12:10

    We’re thinking of you Lori. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out this time.

  2. Auntie Lynn permalink
    18 October 2009 17:47

    Love ya to pieces one way or another. Keyven’s belated bday gifts were mailed to you yesterday. Sorry I’m not too punctual!!!

  3. 18 October 2009 22:54

    Thanks for the well-wishes. @ Auntie Lynn… no worries. My ovaries are not too punctual either.

  4. .Bittersweet. (Aunt Night-Mere) permalink
    19 October 2009 09:47


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