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It's Not Dark Yet!

30 January 2010

Bedtime Boy“It’s not dark yet!” has become Keyven’s latest excuse in the recent fight against all things bedtime.  Considering all the flak I took from the anti-co-sleeping camp for my initial choice of nighttime arrangements, I think we have done pretty well.  We had such a good stretch of relatively compliant sleep routines and peaceful jibber-jabbering as he slipped off to dream land.  Alas, all good things must come to an end.

A recap of the last 10 minutes since I put Keyven down for his afternoon nap:

“Hey moooooooooommy… (pronounced mow-awwwwwww-mee) come here! Pleeeeeeeease!”

*insert fake coughing here*

No Jammies“Mommy. Get. In. Here. Right. Nooooooooow! Or go to timeout! 1… 2… 3… Go to timeout, mommy!”

*banging, flopping, general chit-chat*

“Hey moooooooommy… hey! Mommy, what are you doin’? Come here, mommy!”

*crib rails being banged in time to singing B-I-N-G-O*

“Mommy, why won’t you come sing with me?” (Said because I put him to bed without our usual singing because he was being particularly ornery.)

“It’s not dark yet, and I’m NOT sleepy! Do you HEEAR me, mommy?!”

Annnd… silence.

One of the most random and funny things that Keyven has worked in to his night-time habits is the request for socks.  On his hands. It comes and goes, and sometimes happens during the day as well.  We have no explanation for it, but it makes him happy and he’ll even wake up with them still on!

Crash Landing The funniest part of all his protesting and drama-filled antics in bed is that he is perfectly capable of climbing out of his crib.  He never has done it, though.  Oh, there has been an occasional leg hiked up over the top rail when we are in there to get him up and he’s in a hurry.  But it has never lead to anything.  Yet…

Photos, Top to Bottom: Pre-bedtime singing “Happy Birthday” and then yelling, “Cheese!” when I got out the camera; the morning after a night of sock-hand and “No jammies!” demands; what happens on the way home from school with no nap and a late night of bed-fighting the night before… passed out in the car, and didn’t wake up when we brought him in the house!

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  1. Rachel permalink
    30 January 2010 22:11

    This is all so eerily familiar. At four Olivia STILL takes her socks off and puts them on her hands – not to mention the singing and,”I’m hot!,” “I need one last hug!”, “I miss you!” et cetera. And she doesn’t call me mommy. Ever. She calls me Mammy.

    • 30 January 2010 22:22

      Oh, the joys of above-average children. Manipulators from the get-go. I’m sure WE were never like that. Today’s nap was the shortest ever. He woke up just 45 minutes after the last “hey mommy” with a round of “I need to get OUT now!”

      P.S. You’re the first commenter on the new blog! You must win something… how about… halfsies on gas for your next trip to Wichita? 😉

  2. Sarah permalink
    31 January 2010 00:08

    too funny!

  3. Jessica Olson permalink
    31 January 2010 16:18

    I can’t believe how much he’s talking!!! Boy knows what he wants 😉

    • 31 January 2010 16:30

      He gets the first attribute from his daddy, and the second one from his mama. 😉

  4. Grandpa permalink
    2 February 2010 03:59

    Hi beautiful Mommy. Thanks for keeping up the blogging and tweeting so we can share your life. And, hey, you’re being too modest. You haven’t said anything about your dazzling performance in Los Vegas.

  5. 16 March 2010 16:05

    I like your Grandpa.

    and I really want our boys to meet! 🙂 mainly because I want to finally meet Keyven’s mama!!

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