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So Much to Say…

9 August 2010

I miss writing! I miss free time! I miss cataloging all the amazing and funny things that happen in the course of raising Keyven & living a life of sheer chaos. I think of so many things to write on here.  Since I (clearly) never find the time, I also imagine that some day there will be an app for my phone that will automatically detect blog-writing brainwaves, turn the thoughts in to coherent English, and post them.  Ah well.

Until that technological advance occurs, I decided that some little stories are better than a huge summer novel, especially when they are stories about the things that come out of Keyven’s mouth.  And, if you’ve read this blog at all, you know once I get started I end up with at least half a novel…

During bath time, Keyven is standing up in the bath bathing/hair washing part.
Keyven farts loudly. VERY loudly. Multiple times. He looks behind him with a shocked/surprised look on his face. As if he has never farted in his life (ha!).
K: What was that?!
Me: You farted. What do you say?
K (still looking behind himself, down at the bubbles in the bath): Mommy, I think there’s a fart in there.

At dinner.
K: Mommy, do you love me for all the day?
Me (melting): Yes, I do.  Do you know who else I love all the day?
K: Ummm… Daddy!
Me: Yup! Do you love Daddy for all the day, too?
K (matter of factly, with Tim standing right there): No. Not today. Maybe later.
Me (trying to keep a straight face at the look on Tim’s face): That’s not very nice. (To be fair to Tim, while I was gone on travel, K first said to him, “Daddy, I love you for all the day.” He just gets a little ornery when I get home after being away.)

At bedtime (which has become a more frequently difficult process lately).
K: Daddy, you may NOT close my door! I’m the boss!
Me: Uh, no. You are not the boss. Daddy may do whatever he wants. He is the boss of you.
K (after a few seconds of processing this information): Well, I’M the boss of the toys at least.

There are so many more. I just had to share a few of the recent ones. Ohhh… I love this kid to pieces. But he is going to be a handful. Not that I know where he gets that from.

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  1. Jes permalink
    11 August 2010 14:25

    This has to be the cutest blog post I’ve ever seen. We miss you guys so much!!

  2. 12 January 2011 06:53

    miss you too!

    how’s that app for brain to blog post going??? cuz I need that one =)

    hope you are still enjoying all the chaos of life! =) you can catalog and organize later!

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