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I love this kid.

16 May 2011

Some excerpts from this evening’s activities. Just too cute to not share.

Tonight we hung out with some other mommies & kiddos — Sara & Alli w/Mac (16 mos.) and Sarah w/Bella (4). Had dinner, went to the park, and then met up at Starbucks for coffee on the patio in the beautiful weather while the kiddos played around. It was really, really nice. I only wish I had started hanging out with these mamas sooner than a month before we’re moving!

At one point on the patio, Keyven started holding hands with Mac and walking around with him. Then they started hugging. The best part was when Mac looked up at Keyven and his little face just lit up in an ecstatic grin as he gave Keyven a huge hug.

Later, at home, Keyven and I were reading his bedtime book. These days, it has been back and forth between the book that Grandma wrote for him and our Finding Nemo “behind the scenes” book with chapters about every character. Tonight, it was Nemo.  In order to not have read this whole book every night, I taught Keyven about chapters and tell him we can read a certain number each night. He picks them out of the table of contents and then we search for the page number in the book pages. It has become quite a little routine for us. (I knew it was working when tonight he told Alli that something in his book was “on page 26!” — and he was right.)

One of the sections he picked was the coral reef. We found the page, and I pointed to the big illustration in the middle of it. “Who lives there?” I asked.

“Nemo and his daddy!” And, before I could ask another question, he added, “You know what their house is called? It’s an anemone!”

I must have been glowing with pride. I told him that two weeks ago when we first started reading this and I can’t believe he remembered — AND could pronounce it perfectly. I hope he learns to love reading as much as I do. It makes my heart so happy. 🙂

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  1. Auntie Lynn permalink
    17 May 2011 10:01

    Star child. Star mommy. Hugs and love, Auntie Lynn xoxoxoxo

  2. 17 May 2011 13:17

    I love a happy heart!

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