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Tornadoes & Prayers

24 May 2011

Most of you know by now about the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri. This event literally hit home for us, as Joplin is just 30 miles from where we live in Pittsburg, and the home of my sister, Victoria, her husband, Max, and their new baby boy, Carter. It also happens to be the place where Nana, Pops, and Keyven were visiting that Sunday night. He was staying with them while I was away for the weekend (in, ironically, another place that suffered from weekend tornadoes… except I was camping).   Here is a little story from my mom that she shared on her Facebook page about what happened after they came out of hiding and tried to assess what had happened.

“As 3-month Baby Carter and 3-year-old grandson, Keyven and I sat cuddled up on the couch trying to understand what we had just experienced in Joplin. Keyven sat nearly trembling and literally pushing into me as close as he could. Victoria + Max had just gone outside to assess the damage when Keyven said,”Nana, I think we should pray.” Not quite knowing whether he totally understood what had just happened. I said, “Okay, do you want me to pray?” He said,”No I will”. He held my hand and put his other little hand on Carter’s head and began,”Thank Jesus for being safe, for Nana & Pops, for Victoria & Max, for the people outside, for the thunder to make flowers and for our house to be safe. Amen” I had to realize that love, life, and blessings comes in little miracles through the eyes of a three year old. I feel blessed tonight. Praying for the people outside tonight.”

I’m so glad that my family was kept safe through this terrifying event. They were just blocks from the main path of destruction that ripped through Joplin. Everyone is fine, and Keyven is talking very openly about what happened. He is a little more concerned than usual about the thunder. He says he is afraid that the rain will make the buildings fall down and catch things on fire. Having been through my fair share of traumatic events, I am doing my best to listen to him and comfort him when he talks about it. I’m thankful he was with Nana & Pops who guarded him and protected him with love and prayers.

I realize the readership of my blog is spread pretty far and wide, but here is a link to a local news station site – KOAM TV 7 – listing the most up-to-date needs for donations and how you can help. Right now, they desperately need monetary donations. If you are local and wanting to volunteer, please call the Joplin Tornado Recovery hotline at 2-1-1 (locally) or 1-800-427-4626. They can register you as a volunteer and let you know where you are needed most when the time is right. There are also many, many local fundraisers popping up in surrounding communities like Pittsburg where you can take donations. Also, if you know of any families affected by the tornado who will need furniture or household items, please have them get in touch with me. I am moving next week, and I have some things I can give away to help out.

Thanks for all the prayers that have been sent our way over the past couple of days. Please keep us in your thoughts, as we are bracing for another round of severe weather in the area this evening. Remember to tell your family today that you love them, and be thankful for all you are blessed with in your life.

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  1. 24 May 2011 13:27

    That just brings tears to my eyes. I’m so glad your family is safe, and I’m so unspeakably sad for the families who weren’t so lucky. Thanks for posting something hopeful in the midst of all this.

  2. Grandpa Bob permalink
    24 May 2011 14:11

    And a little child shall lead them…

    What a kid!

  3. Auntie Lynn permalink
    24 May 2011 18:05

    Wow that’s my great nephew, Keyven, whose been a prayin to Jesus. Well his prayers were answered as he and mommy, grandma and grandpa, and many other family members were saved from the disaster. But keep on praying. Cuz another tornado may be in the works for today coming toward where Keyven and mommy live in Pittsburg, Kansas. I love you guys!!! Hugs … Auntie Lynn

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