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No More Monsters

22 March 2012

Keyven’s usually pretty good about going to bed when we’re at home. What can I say, he’s my son. The kid loves his sleep. Lately, though, we’re definitely in the “imagination running wild” phase, as is evidenced by his nearly non-stop jabber/stories/conversations that go something like this…

Keyven: (mid-run-on-sentence)  … and then Wyatt told me I should just get the syncolater because I was in closer proximity, but I only had forty-sixty magic coins…
(Yes, he really started using “proximity” in sentences this week.)
Me: Are you talking to me?
Keyven: Nope. I’m just talking to myself.
Me: (suppressing a chuckle) Okay, honey. Just checking.
*chatter continues, unfazed*

Like I said, all this rampant imagination has the unfortunate side effect of making bedtime an hour-long ritual of calls for me and trips to his room for more covers, less covers, a song, a glass of water, monsters. You know, the usual 4-year-old bedtime things.

This was tonight’s scene…

Keyven: Mommy!!! There are monsters in here bothering me!
*I walk down the hall to his room*
Me: There aren’t any monsters down here, Keyven.
Kevyen: How do you know?
Me: I told them that they can’t come down the hallway to bother you because you have to get some sleep.
Keyven: (paused, contemplating whether or not he buys this line) Well, can you check my closet to make sure there aren’t any in there?
Me: Sure.
*I turn on the light, open closet door to reveal floor to ceiling bins & boxes/a ridiculous amount of crap that needs to be organized*
Me: (looking up at Keyven) See? No monsters.
Keyven: (jaw dropped) Whoa. Is it because there’s so much stuff in there that the monsters don’t have any room?!
Me: (half-sighing/half-laughing) Yup. That’s exactly it.

And ten seconds later, his head hit the pillow. I haven’t heard a peep from him since. So, I guess I feel better about the neglected spring cleaning around here. I’m going to think of it as a monster defense system instead.

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